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About us


We recognise the importance of the environment in which we live.


to the environment which is home to all of us.

An active participant

in improving the environment in which we live.

A supplier

of clean technology.

The vision of a clean environment brought about an idea to produce a universal modular product, which allows a quick and simple change of internal combustion engine with an electric drive.


Our offer

  • Supply of clean drive technology for existing buses
  • Solution to reduce gas and noise emissions
  • Universal modular product
  • Bus autonomy up to 250km, depending on battery sizes
  • Charging via three-phase electric socket – charger is already in the bus


  • We analyse your fleet
  • We prepare a personalised offer
  • You select the type of refurbishment
  • Refurbishment is done at your premises and with your personnel or at our location
  • We implement training of drivers and maintaining personnel

We make buses which are still operational and are far from the end of their lifespan environmentally friendly.


We only use components by renowned manufacturers

We installed the product in a 20-year-old bus and demonstrated that the systemworks regardless of the age of the bus.


Our team

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